First heated blow out

I skipped wash day on Sunday. Partly because I was really enjoying my weekend…and was lazy. The other reason was I was also trying to see how long I can stretch out the time between washes. But my Tuesday, my hair had shrunken and was feeling almost greasy. So Wednesday morning, I couldn’t handle it anymore and so I co-washed it. I hadn’t co-washed in ages, so it was an interesting “experience”. I quickly put flat twists in and did my thing. It felt sooooo good! Now I know I can’t skip wash day like that again, my hair’s used to and looking forward to getting some water every week. When I didn’t last week it was almost like “What?! No water? Hmm, okay I’ll show you” then off it went and had a lil tantrum, lol.

Anywho, decided to try blow drying it with heat for the first time since transitioning last year. I’d been wanting to do it for awhile but never got round to it. While my hair was still in twists, I sprayed some Tresemme heat protectant spray all over. I let it settle for a couple minutes. Then I undid the twists and began combing with my shower comb to detangle it. Once detangled, I began drying section by section. I tried to do it quickly, about ten minutes max so my hair wouldn’t get fried. After drying, I rubbed a bit of zesty lemon all over and shaped it with my afro pik. Et voila:


I was so happy to finally show more length to my hair. And the results are SOOO different to when I dry it on low heat. I know I won’t be doing this often though, cos quite a few strands of hair broke off but it was a really nice change to how I usually style it. So maybe 2-3 times a year, depending. Lol, peeps at work couldn’t stop commenting. Best one: “Now THAT’s a fro!!”


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