Fro log: Changing shampoo

These past few weeks I’ve noticed that my hair seems to be drier. I’m doing all the usual stuff: washing and DC’ing once a week, braiding/twisting daily (okay there have been a few exceptions when I’ve been knackered from work) but nothing major has changed, except my shampoo. Throughout last year, I was using Tresemme shampoos and conditioners. In the beginning, the products on their own were a bit too drying, but then I found the perfect mix by adding avo oil and aloe vera gel to my shampoo and since then I’ve been in love. My hair was coming out soft and bouncy after washing and never felt that squeaky feeling that the drying shampoo would.

Then I went to Dar and bought a couple Herbal Essences shampoos and conditioners because the natural hair world swore by them. I love the conditioner. Love the smell, love it in my daily spritz, love it in my hair. But I was never completely sure about the shampoo. I decided that I was on my way to becoming a product junkie last year when I had about 4 bottles of different shampoos etc. So to curb it, I figured I’ll only buy shampoo when what I have finishes. My Tresemme finished literally at the end of last year. So this year I began using the Herbal Essences. At first it was still too drying, so I added avo oil and aloe vera juice. But the past couple of wash days I’ve really paid attention to how my hair feels afterwards and it’s not quite right. Since everything else in my routine is pretty much the same but my shampoo, I think I’m going to go back to old faithful and hopefully things will change. Otherwise maybe I’ll reduce the number of shampoos and swap to co-washing more often. Will have an update soon.


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