Month 10: Review

Up until last month or so, I was very aware and conscious about my monthly “anniversary”. Since cutting my hair, I’ve been eagerly eyeing my calendar towards every end of month, just so I can say, “I’m one month more natural today” on the 27th. This month, the 27th came and went and I only noticed yesterday :S. Now that squiggly face isn’t necessarily a worried face actually. I think it means that I’ve now gotten so used to my hair being natural that the months don’t matter so much anymore. I think being so busy also contributes. But now, I’m eyeing my calendar for the big 1 year anniversary. I had a thought this morning, maybe once I hit one year fully natural, I’ll halt the monthly reviews. I always thought that by one year, I’ll have a pretty good idea of how to care for my hair and have gotten used to things. Not saying I’m there yet but I feel like maybe I am getting there.

This month has been cool, tried a couple new styles and can now wear my hair fully up. Not that it’s a piece of cake getting it there but it’s something! Things I’ve learned/noticed this month:

  • Doing braid outs after wash day leaves my hair looking wirey and shrunken. I now no longer do my ol’ faithful fro hawk on Mondays and instead try to tie it up and stretch it a bit more.
  • After blow drying it a few weeks ago, I’m looking for more days to wear my hair in a way that shows off as much length as possible. Wash and go’s just don’t cut it anymore.
  • My hair’s breaking, not at an alarming rate but enough for me to know I need to change something in my routine. This week I re-bought Tresemme shampoo so hopefully this wash day I’ll notice a difference.
  • I need to stop being so tired and lazy towards the end of the week and re-twist/re-braid my hair before I get a chance to conk out on the couch. This has been happening for the past 3 weeks or so and my hair the next day is shrunken and tangled.
  • It may be time for me to finally put in braids or something. The temperature has dropped quite a bit and my hair is generally starting to feel drier more often during the week. It might be my glycerin mixed daily spritz, like many naturalistas warn about when winter comes. But for now, I want to eliminate one product at a time so it’s starting with the Herbal Essences shampoo.
  • It might also be time to slowly get into my planned winter regimen. Co-wash more and shampoo less. Since it’s not freezing yet, I think I’ll start to shampoo twice a month and co-wash the other times. When winter fully hits, I plan on shampooing once a month and co-wash the rest.
  • I’ve been trying to keep an eye on my hairline/ edges. I’m not sure if they are thinning or not. I love putting my hair in styles that seem to pull my hairline so I’m trying to pull them less. I think I may have to give my hair a break more often and wear it in a free fro more than styling sometimes. ATM, I’m leaving it as a fro about 1-2 times a week.
  • I’ve completely fallen off my protective style period plan :S. It’s now April so I need to revise that plan. I feel like my hair at the moment is at a standstill (growth wise) and needs a break. 

Otherwise, a good hair month. I’m definitely becoming more aware of the health of my hair, a supposed to just the length of it. I’m trying to take note of its condition and edit things accordingly. But I really do need to get some braids or something…

Here’s to another month!


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