Some outstanding pics

Sigh. I’ve been busy. Busy and lazy to be honest. And I haven’t been feeling very inspired with my hair or with styles etc. I don’t know if it’s inspiration or what I mentioned in my last post that I’ve gotten used to my hair or not…but whatever it is, I haven’t been taking or posting many pics lately. And I won’t lie, I’ve been missing my blog! So here are a few outstanding ones (as in…ones that I owe…not that I think I look so great)…


Afro Kinky braids


 I had my hair blow dried the previous week. I’d kept my hair in braid outs throughout the week before this day’s wash. I used my tights come headband to make the puff, tied with a scarf then replaced the headband with my old faithful bra band.


I had blow dried my hair on Saturday, braided that eve, rocked a braid out on Sunday and braided again. Kept it in a beanie on Monday. This is Tuesday. To blend the bottom, I combed my hair halfway (not to the top so the wave would stay). I was worried I’d been pulling my edges too much so this past week I rocked my fro free to give it a break. I loved it, felt so…free 😀


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