Feeling inspired

I’m not sure what happened this past week. It’s almost as though as soon as I admitted I was feeling stuck and uninspired with my hair, I began having good…no, great hair days. One turning point was definitely putting glycerin back into my daily spritz. Then I only washed my hair yesterday which makes it 2 weeks between washes. My hair was soft and spongey throughout and my scalp only started feeling itchy/dry on Thursday.

Last week I discovered a big difference in my twist out when I’d done neat flat twists the night before and also spritzing it before I twisted made a huge difference. I don’t know why I had changed that order around a few months ago…oh I remember…it was me trying to avoid shrinkage but it was actually doing the opposite as well as drying out my hair. Now I’m back to spritzing in the evening, then twisting or braiding. Another awesome “milestone” this week; I can now braid 9-10 mabutu on my head in the evenings 😀 :D. I was absolutely shocked and sooo happy when I realised my hair was long enough to do this. AND I timed myself…I can do this in 5-7 minutes! Too cool, now prepping my hair in the evenings doesn’t have to take half an hour and my hair comes out looking how I like it the next morning :D. So that’s what I did throughout the week and the results were awesome. I hardly had a day when I left the house feeling “egh” about my hair.

I also went style and inspiration hunting. Here’s what I found…

Flawless Faux Bun YT Tutorial

Something like this would be awesome for a special occasion, or when I’m feeling uber-glam. Mstanish’s added some natural hair extensions on the top for a fuller bun. I love how she does it so simply and I think I could pull it off with the “afro kinky” extensions I got from Dar. Only thing is, I’m trying not to get to the point if relying in extensions to make my hair look good. I don’t wanna get stuck in that thinking that my hair isn’t long enough or voluminous enough on its own. But it’s a nice option.

4 Gorgeous & Easy Styles for short to mid-length Hair

This article was very cool, even thought I could already do two of the styles. I found it on Black Girl Long Hair. I’m really liking that site as it seems to have a lot of helpful articles like this one where Dominique does quick and easy style tutorials specifically for short – medium length hair. Not that I can’t get inspired by long hair tutorials, I found this article more realistic for the styles I can do at the moment.

I also love their style icons pages. These girls are GORGEOUS!!

Nikki on BGLH

Melanie on BGLH

Danielle on BGLH

Jennifer on BGLH

Portia on BGLH

I watched this tutorial last Saturday, loved it and thought “I could do that”…

Pomp & Cinnabun Hairstyle YT Tutorial

So here’s my Sunday attempt:

After this tutorial, I’m convinced I need to get a new brush. The one I have is TIRED and I think too big/wide so I’m going to try getting a smaller one with deeper bristles so I can get smoother sides. It might not work, but it’s worth a shot. This lead to a great hair week for me…


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