Shift in attitude

Just after I posted my last post and shared it with my fellow NatSun members, it was like my hair felt my stress and decided to behave…haha! Seriously though, this week has been one of the most stressful ones at work. I’ve been feeling very run down and stretched out but for some reason, I had it in my mind that I was at least going to have some good hair days.

It’s winter, so I realised I’ve fallen in the trap of reading and listening to everything that I’m exposed to on the as gospel. I’ve read (and posted) several articles that say that using glycerin on your hair during winter is a hug no-no. My hair fell in love with glycerin sometime last year. And every week since then, I’ve been putting it into my daily spritz and my hair would hardly feel dry. Of course with it being winter, my hair was getting drier and drier as it got colder and colder. So I thought, “hmmm it’s winter so that means my hair is probably getting dry because of the glycerin…let me remove that from the spritz (until summer) and add an extra dollop of oil instead.” Umm, I did that for I think about two weeks before I put the chunky braids in and up until Tuesday this week. I had enough, when I would flat twist my hair at night, it felt like straw. In the morning, same thing, like all moisture was literally sucked out of my hair. It wasn’t bouncy, or spongey like how it usually is so I was trying to figure out a way to get it back there since I’m to wear my fro out at least until next weekend. Fed up, I grabbed the little glycerin I had left and just poured it into my remaining spritz. I saw a difference the next day. My hair loves glycerin. Period. Winter or no winter, it loves it so why was I being stingy?!

So I’m going back to my staples as they worked before. In the evenings, I am now doing a hybrid mabutu and flat twist thing. On Wednesday eve, I took the time to actually do proper sectional flat twisting and not just the quick stuff I’ve been doing and my hair on Thursday came out significantly less “spiky”. Maybe it’s a case of doing stuff like that. I’m really looking forward to getting my hair to a length where I can braid 4-6 big braids at night but I’m not there yet and I can’t press fast forward on time. So I have to deal with this stage as I’ve done the rest and sooner than I know it (at least I hope), I’ll be at a new, different stage…one step closer to “where I want to be” (if there’s such a destination). I have to be either simple or creative. So that’s what I’ve tried to do…make use of my clips, take more time in prepping the night before etc. I’ve been happy with my hair these past couple days which I’ll show in This Week’s Looks.


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