This weeks looks: From spikey to fluffy(er)

Me on Monday:



 Wasn’t very happy with this one. I undid my braids on Saturday evening (in an hour!), washed and DC’d for about 2 hours then partially air dried before braiding mabutu. Went to work on Sunday with it looking pretty *ehhh* but it was Sunday so…I gave myself a pass. On Sunday eve, I rebraided it into slightly bigger mabutu. Undid on Monday morning and was very unhappy with the spikiness of my ends. I think the photos look much better than it did in person. I have to admit though, my hair’s much better after that trimming Nthasi gave me before braiding my hair. It doesn’t seem to have as many random dangly bits.

On Tuesday I wore a high puff.

On Wednesday:



I had braided about 6 mabutu in the front/middle and the rest in rought flat twists. I think this is also when I changed back to spritz with glycerin in it. I really liked this, my hair’s now long enough to twist like that and it was actually the first time I’ve worn that clip…since buying it last year! My hair was always a little too short to wear it so now it’s long enough, I’m loving it 😀

Me on Thursday:

Also loved this. As unperfect as it looks at the back, lol. All of Wednesday I thought, now I can twist my hair that way, I can try doing it throughout my head, as an updo style. I also hadn’t used the black and gold clips yet either. So on Wednesday eve, I braided about 6 mabutu in the middle/front and made sure the braids in the front lay on my right side  to style it the next day. Another thing I noticed was that I got more definition if I spritzed first, then braid/twist rather than the other way around which I started doing to lessen shrinkage. But doing that this week also made it hard for me to part my hair etc. It sounded like I was ripping it apart. I also did neat twists this time, about 5 of them going backwards. So the next day I was pretty happy with how it came out, and surprised that the flat twists came out wavy, not a weird straight and spikey look that I’ve currently been battling with. I twisted the sides and back in four “bunches” and secured with bobby pins before using the clips. I think I need to get a few more clips that are bigger than the ones I have. What I like about it is that I can do and updo without having to pull at my sides a lot which I’ve been trying to avoid this whole week. 😀

Me on Friday:



Yesterday, I did the same as Wednesday. I braided the middle and front then did four neat flat twists. I had spritzed before doing so. This morning, I spritzed again and undid with the intention that I’d do about three lil twists on my right and leave the rest but decided to go for the side fro instead. Happiness.

On Friday eve, I braided my whole head and undid on Saturday. I slightly combed the base to cover up the lines and off I went about my day! Was nice to give my hair a break for a day, nothing styled and just out there. And wow, last night I actually managed to put my hair into four flat twists! Throughout the day, I kept feeling my hair and how it was doing and it was feeling nice and spongy, just the way I like it 😀



  1. July 9, 2012 / 6:53 pm

    @Darla, thanks luv! What bout the other days…? 😛

  2. July 9, 2012 / 3:10 pm

    looked hot on Monday and Wednesday! you hair has grown woman! looking nice

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