This week’s looks: Mainly updos

This week, I tried to style my hair in ways that kept the back off of my scarf and also reduce pulling my edges cos I think they’re thinning. So on Monday, my day off, I styled my hair the same way as I did on Sunday (the four big twist ups clipped with butterfly clips). It’s a simple and easy style and also disguises my freshly washed hair look nicely. After I had washed my hair last weekend I had put gel all over my hair as well as Herbal Essences conditioner straight out of the bottle. I was almost going to wash it on Monday morning, or at least rinse it because my hair was feeling a bit gunky and stiff. But I thought, let me see how it goes during the week. Maybe my leave in spritzes will help soften it up.

Me on Tuesday:



So instead of four twist ups, I did two and secured with clips and pins. I used my new brush to tidy the back up a bit. I liked this alternative way to put my hair up and didn’t feel my sides were pulling.

Me on Wednesday:



I’d been dreaming of wearing a big pouf the whole day. It was inspired by my visit to the barber’s whilst getting my brows done on Monday. Because I’d styled my hair with it hanging down over my forehead, I had to pin it up so the guy (yes, guys!) can get to work on my brows properly. So I thought it could be quite cool combining the two looks; twist ups and front pouf. Well on Wednesday morning, I wanted to keep it simple and quicker than usual. So I just undid my braids, fluffed it out and pinned the pouf. But it wasn’t looking quite right. So just instinctively, I pulled up two sections from the sides of my hair (ears) and pulled them towards the pouf and it looked cool so I pinned the sections in place. Also didn’t use any gel on my sides and they weren’t feeling pulled. The side pinning gave the pouf a tidier look. Loved it!

Me on Friday:



In preparation for braiding my hair this weekend (was supposed to start Friday eve :S) I washed and DC’d my hair on Thursday eve and swapped my outfit plans so that I could wear my beanie the next day. I had worn a beanie with a pouf before but I’d always wanted the beanie to sit in a way that showed my side hair a bit too. So after washing and DC’ing, I braided mabutu as usual then in the morning, just undid the two front and side braids. I made my pouf and side pinned as I did on Thursday. Then tied my du-rag ont he remaining hair before putting the beanie on. Also loved it!

Note to self: even though by Thursday, my hair had softened, it was still not the way I like it. By then it had gotten too soft and began shrinking. So don’t think I’d be doing the gelling my entire head after washing any time soon. I know I always say it, but I should try and stick to the things that work for me.


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