This week’s looks

Me on Monday:



On Sunday eve, I had braided about four mabutu in the front and did neat flat twists at the back. My intention on Monday morning was to do what I did last weeks and pin up the sides and back. But when I undid it and was working on it, I thought I’d just clip it into a mohawk style since I haven’t done that in ages. I bought about 8 bigger butterfly clips over the weekend (for R12.99 @ PnP :D) and used four of those to clip the sides and a bit of the back. Loved it and it didn’t pull my edges.

Me on Tuesday:


I wanted to re-do this ‘do during the week… so I did. Instead of using my stocking headband, I used my pinkish purple strap band. I also flattened the sides by tying my scarf as I usually do when creating a puff.

Me on Wednesday:



I loved this. The night before, I had braided about 10 mabutu and by the morning, it was super fluffy. I considered leaving it as a fro but my outfit told me to jazz it up a bit, so I just pinned the side without any gel or water.

On Thursday I wore a puff.

Me on Friday:



I was tired on Friday…and grumpy and just needing the week to end. So I let fro be. It was soft and happy.

On Saturday, I washed and DC’d my hair for the first time in two weeks. I think I’ll be doing this from now on. My hair seemed to respond quite well and it wasn’t dry. Only started getting itchy towards the end of the week. Also for the first time in awhile, I slept without braiding :S. Yes, my hair was tangled the next day but it wasn’t as squashed as I thought it would be. So I thought, hmmm maybe I can try seeing how a current wash and go would look like. So after DCing etc, I covered it with Herbal Essences conditioner and also put gel, in sections throughout my hair.


 It took forever to dry. And although it’s bigger than it was the last time I washed and go’d, it’s stil about 1/3 of the length my hair is whilst stretched (non-heated). So in case of emergency, I think I can definitely go out this way, but I love showing my length…so…I braided it…

Me on Sunday:



I’m quite liking this style, especially for when I’ve freshly washed my hair ad it’s not fluffy yet. That usually happens mid-week. I also like it cos it doesn’t pull my edges and it’s keeping my hair at the back up (which I noticed is now long enough to graze my scarf!). So, good couple of weeks for moi. In love with my hair again 😀 but the temperature’s dropped, so methinks it’s going to be time for a new protective style soon.

I’m doing eyebrows on Monday.


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