This week’s looks

I knew that whatever style I was going to do for the wedding, I was going to make sure I could still rock it for as long as I can. I hardly go to the salon, so I already knew I wasn’t going to go and undo the cornrows etc right afterwards. Even now, I still have the braids in and am determined to rock them at least for another week, all the while changing it up every so often.

Me on Sunday:

on Saturday eve, as knackered as I was, I still managed to braid 4 small mabutu before bed. My hair was fluffy and soft the next day and hung on its own.




Again, braided four mabutu on Sunday eve before bed, wrapped my scarf and off to sleep I went.




I think I only braided two the night before, but still worked. I also pinned it slightly different to give it some volume at the top.




Combed it halfway and then pinned into a lil pouf. Loved the wave effect.




Finally got to wear my hat again with no issues 😀 My hair has gotten so big I had trouble wearing another new hat that I consequently returned to Mr. Price. It was gorge but I had no idea how to wear it (and still be comfortable and look nice). At  least I still have this one. I’m really enjoying this quick and easy thing about my hair. It takes me no more than 5 mins in the morning to undo the 2-4 mabutu, brush up the back and pin the front down. And the cornrows are still looking neat. Damn, I really need to learn how to do this. It’s saving me in the mornings and evenings and funnily enough, I’m not missing my full fro yet.




  1. September 26, 2012 / 1:08 pm

    i love the look with the hat! too cute!

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