I’m on YouTube!!

Ladies (and any gentlemen),

I’m officially announcing the launch of my brand spanking new YouTube channel: MyFroandITV

On MyFroandITV, I’ll be sharing with you what I do to my hair and how I style it. I don’t like to spend more than 15 minutes on my hair, as I’m sure you’ll agree that our days are hectic enough as they are. Every once in awhile, for a special occasion, I’ll put the leg work in but otherwise, on a day to day basis, I like to keep it simple – with a twist. So my videos will focus on that; quick and easy styles that shouldn’t take you much longer than 10-15 minutes. Bear with me, I’m a newbie at this (!) but I’m SO excited to be going through this with you.

I’ll also upload the videos or links to the YouTube videos on my blog, in a new “Videos” tab up top.

For the introduction vid, check out My Fro & I: My Natural Hair Story

Happy watching x


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