This Week’s Looks

So on Monday, whilst I’m recording a puff tutorial, my camera decides to have a tantrum and stops recording! And doesn’t even show that it had stopped until I was finished with the style and turned it around to switch it off – nothing. Sigh, I was getting late for work so I’ll have to just sort that one out this next week or so.

Anywho, me on Tuesday:

R40 at Cotton On! What a STEAL!

On Wednesday:



** Watch how I do this style on YouTube

On Thursday:

** Watch how I do this style on YouTube

On Friday:

I LOVE my Cotton On blue suede boots!

On Saturday:


Yes, I love Mr. Price and Cotton On


Overall, a good week. My ‘wearing something pink’ for a month challenge (for breast cancer) is proving to be more and more challenging as the temperature drops. And I’m not completely sure, but I suspect my fro’s losing its colour :(. How does that happen with a permanent dye? Or is it just that the sun’s been hiding this week? Ah well, maybe next time I’ll just have to go lighter.


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