This Week’s Looks: Cotton On Boots… and a Pink Stripe

I kid you not when I say that last weekend was THE CRAZIEST shopping experience of my life. My friends and regular readers know about my love story with Cotton On. If you haven’t gone there yet…I don’t know where you’ve been. Every time I go to Sandton City, even if it’s just to check the mail, I have to go in there…just to look, to touch and maybe catch a bargain or two…which is exactly what happened last Saturday. There we were, Jenny, Solo, Nthasi and I browsing Cotton On’s racks and sighing that they weren’t having one of their infamous sales yet thanking God at the same time because we knew we’d blow all of our cash and it wasn’t even month end yet. THEN, Jenny and Nthasi see a sign on a table of shoes that says “10 for R90”…hang on, as in 10 pairs of shoes for R90 each? No, as in 10 pairs of shoes for a total of R90! Yes, Cotton On boots, wedges, platforms for R9 each. The table was quite empty when we saw the sign, but as soon as a saleslady told us they were bringing more from the back, we knew we were in for it.

It was a jungle. Women weren’t women anymore, there was no ladylike business going on. Just like how they portray us in those cliche movies when there’s a hectic sale, that’s how we were acting. We camped out around that table for a good 1.5 hours until they finished the shoes from the back. Lol, even the manager was impressed that we managed to scoop up about 7-9 pairs of shoes each. So what else to wear this week other than my brand spanking new collection of gorge boots? Twas the DEAL OF THE CENTURY! Thank you Cotton On :).

Me on Monday:


I had blown my hair out on Sunday so my fro was quite big this week. I spritzed my hair a little less than I usually do so it wouldn’t shrink back that quickly. I love the blown out look but only once in awhile because Fro gets quite dry. I decided to leave it as a free fro this entire week.

On Tuesday:

The ring says ‘love’

I LOVE this top from Mr. Price, if I could wear it everyday, I would. On Wednesday I sprayed my hair with pink hair spray in honour of the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Jenny & I organised a boob and moob cake auction at work so we had to look the part, although the colour looks more like a red than a pink :s

On Thursday:


Boob artwork Jenny & I plastered on our hallway wall @ work for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

On Friday:

Oh and I’m thinking about making that skunk colour thing more permanent. Just thinking.

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