Protective Style Dilemma!

It’s that time again. Since I was about 12 or 13 years old, I had a different hairstyle every 3 months. That was mainly because of braids. But I’ve gotten so used to having something different so often, I realised when I was in uni that it’s become a routine and habit for me and my hair. So much so around the 3/4 month period, I get antsy and want to change my hair.

Well, it’s been awhile since I last had braids or any other style in. I have to confess; I’ve been really, really lazy with Fro this past month. I had a hectic first half of December with work being so hectic I literally had no time to take care of myself let alone poor Fro. Then when work started winding down before I went on leave I got back into my routine for only about two days before abandoning it again :S. Despite being off work, life’s still been hectic with Christmas break stuff – you know, family time and all. The main thing I’m not doing is braiding at night and that gets quite dangerous for my tightly coiled hair. I’ve just been so tired by the end of the day I only tie my hair with my scarf and re-fluff when in the morning. So Fro is dry and cranky. I want o enjoy my break and honestly, not think of Fro for a little while. Give myself and my hair a break before it decides to abandon me!

This is when I decide to put a protective style in. For newbies: protective styling is when you style your hair in a way that protects our hair (especially the ends which are the weakest parts) from harsh weather be it very cold, very hot, very dry and from ourselves and over manipulation. I’d usually do a protective style when winter starts creeping in but it’s still warm here in Jozi so I’m going to put a style in to protect Fro from me. I’m going away soon and would like to take a break from my routine all together, including my hair.

As usual before I put a style in, I debate for weeks what I should do next. I’m a cheapo so price is definitely a key factor in my decision (any readers out there who know of good people/places to go to braid my hair for cheap, holla!) So main objective is to cut costs as much as possible. I have a whole basket of hair…literally. I always re-use weave hair and I also have a bunch of unused braids packets so I’m set in the extension buying part. I’ve also booked an appointment at the salon I went to when I styled my hair for the wedding. Now, what to do…

Option 1: Cornrows

I haven’t done cornrows in ages but since I’m not sure how long I want this style in for, it’s a great option for a short-term fix, just until my hols are over. Problem with this option is the same thing – it doesn’t last long. And the cost will be more as I would still have to buy the extensions. But oh how I love these styles!

How fierce is this?!
Love the bun look. So chic.

Option 2: Weave/braid combo

I think many people assume that because I’ve made the decision to stop relaxing my hair means that I’ve also sworn off weaves – not true. I have nothing against them. In fact, when done right and taken care of well, weaves are a great protective style. I especially love them because they’re so much quicker to get done than braids and they can last the same amount of time. I took a mental inventory of my hair basket and I have approximately 3 weaves I need to re-use. Don’t judge me. All of my weave hair is human, well taken care of and still looks fresh 🙂 Thing is, I hate the way full weaves look, especially the straight styles (unless they are bangs) so I’ve always preferred putting a side parting with a bit of my hair out to cover it up. But I’m natural now so that doesn’t work as my hair doesn’t blend in. So for this, I’d braid up that part section.


Option 3: Chunky braids

I love, love, love this style. It’s young, fresh and funky and I can thank Solange for making it cool to wear these again. I love this style’s simplicity but I’ve done them twice already this year and they cost double the price of the other two style options. Hmmm…

Conclusion: I still don’t know! My appointment is tomorrow afternoon so I have until then to make a decision lol.


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  1. February 2, 2014 / 7:16 am

    That first braided look is one of of my favourites hairstyles. Cant ever keep it in for too long though or the edges might suffer.

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