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As I wrote last week, I finally took my twists out after having them in for 6 weeks. By far the longest time I’ve had a protective style in since I went natural. I felt like the take down left my hair and scalp in a fragile condition so the past week I have avoided putting my hair in strenuous styles (like pulling my edges that were oh so sensitive the first few days afterwards) and also didn’t put any gel on either, just to give my hair a bit of time to recover. I usually give my hair at least 2 weeks before installing another style in and as you all know, I was so antsy to remove the twists. I have to admit I enjoyed my hair being out for about 2 days. Then Monday morning hit and I felt like I didn’t know what to do with it. Tuesday…same thing…Wednesday was possibly the worst.

I’d basically done what I usually do during the week; spritz twice a day, apply butter, twist in the evening, untwist in the morning etc. And I felt that every time my hair just wasn’t responding. The twists I’d done the previous night didn’t produce defined waves/curls and just served to keep my hair stretched. Which began frustrating me because I felt like I was limited in how to wear my hair. All I wanted to do this week was wear my hair in a fro but either a) my hair’s too long to do so as it grazes my neck which is now covered by scarves or b) it’s looking a bit awkward especially at the sides. So in the 5 minutes I have these mornings to figure out what to do with my hair, I’d resort to gathering up the back and securing it in a clip and letting the front bit hang either straight or on the side. Because I wasn’t feeling it, I didn’t really feel like taking photos.

But on Thursday morning, Fro surprised me and didn’t give me any hassles. So I felt like I finally had a good hair day:

On Wednesday eve, I spritzed my hair with my daily spritz and put it into about 8 chunky twists before wrapping for bed. In the morning, I re-spritzed and untwisted my hair. I pulled the ends out a little to add some more fluff and volume and massaged some butter onto my scalp to help blend the partings in.

I LOVE this style but the only problem is I can’t wear it often 🙁 I have to admit I was very tempted to get my hair braided this past weekend but this style inspired me to just chill and enjoy my hair before ‘putting it away’ again. 

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  1. August 26, 2013 / 12:50 am

    love your style and hairstyle. Protective styling are great, but it can throw one off routine.

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