What I Tried: Ruutos Moisture Collection

As you know, I’m always excited to hear about new products. Even more so when they’re locally made!

Ruutos Hair is well known for their impressive range of hair extensions but they’re now also offering us some hair products. What I really liked about this range is that they kept it simple. It’s not an overwhelming range that has two or three products that confuses you and seem to do the same thing. They each have a clear cut reason for being and have named them appropriately so it’s newbie natural friendly too. I gave their Moisture Collection a go cos God knows Fro and I need moisture moisture moisture in our lives. All of the products are sulphate and paraben free and are safe to use on dyed hair. Here’s my two cents…

The Good Stuff

  • Even though it’s a sulphate free shampoo, it still lathers nicely (which I honestly miss in most sulphate free shampoos). 
  • It smells like minty-eucalyptus type of freshness
  • Cleaned my hair without it feeling completely stripped of moisture

The Not So Good Stuff

  • I wish it had left my hair feeling more moisturised. Even though it didn’t strip it dry, it wasn’t as moisturising as I’d have liked. Hey, the more spongey my hair is, the happier I am.

The Good Stuff

  • Great slip – it went on my hair easily and effortlessly. 
  • The consistency is great. For a normal conditioner it was incredibly thick so I didn’t need a lot to cover my hair with it.

The Not So Good Stuff

  • Nothing comes to mind!

The Good Stuff

  • It doesn’t have a strong scent – it’s quite neutral which is great as it doesn’t linger on my hair. By the time I finish washing I usually prefer my hair to smell light or neutral so throughout the week it’s still fresh (and not an old smell).

The Not So Good Stuff

  • On its own, I didn’t find it moisturising enough so I added a few drops of their Growth Elixir which is a mix of oils in a bottle with an applicator. Once I did that, it helped 

The Good Stuff

  • It also doesn’t have a strong scent which a lot of hair masks do.
  • A little goes a long way. 
  • This product is great when you add some of the Growth Elixir to it. It really softened my hair and left it feeling elasticated too.

The Not So Good Stuff

  • It’s such a slight moan (sorry!) but the packaging on the tub I have doesn’t have application instructions. It’s not a train smash because I figure it out, just wondering about the newbies out there!

Overall, I’d suggest to buy these products as the entire range together as one really works following on from the other. I think it’s great that more brands are making themselves more locally accessible both from a cost perspective and proximity one too. Cheers to Ruutos for thinking further into our hair needs and providing a products line for us.

You can get more info on Ruutos and their Moisture Collection from their website ruutos.com and Facebook page.




  1. Anonymous
    October 22, 2014 / 3:56 pm

    I feel she gave an honest opinion about the product. She wasn't that thrilled with the hair mask and conditioner because they weren't moisturizing enough…If your natural hair loves to soak up moisture like hers, then you might want to pass on this product line. If it doesn't need as much, you may want to try them out.

  2. Anonymous
    October 21, 2014 / 1:26 pm

    It's great there are more local and natural hair brands. But this is obviously a sponsored article feels a bit one sided. How long have you using these?

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