Protective Style Review: Winter Weave

After the longest six weeks, Fro has come out of hibernation. Here’s a round up of my thoughts on my latest weave.

I had my hair out since my honeymoon style was removed in April. So it was about time for me to put my hair away especially because of winter arriving. I had originally wanted something wavy, preferably curly/kinky but couldn’t find the right hair piece in time. So after looking through my hair extensions basket, I decided on the straight weave which was still in good condition. I thought it could be a nice change as I hadn’t had a straight style in about a year.

  • Style of hair: You already know I wasn’t feeling the straightness of this weave after a very short while. At first, I felt sexy and chic but then I got bored by the third week and my regular style itch came and I longed for my own hair again. My stylist installed it beautifully though, and the take down was a piece of cake which I greatly appreciated.  
  • Longevity: It didn’t last as long as my other weaves. In total I kept it in for 6 weeks, which is the minimum amount of time I’ve ever had a weave in so that’s kind of saying something. The actual hair quality is great but I have to admit I didn’t do much to keep it looking as good as it could. 
  • Washing: Contrary to many beliefs, I think weaves are simple to wash. This one was even easier. All I did was tie it in sections, as I do my own hair, and lathered my scalp with shampoo, rinsed and applied conditioner. My stylist always does my tracks horizontally so I can easily access my scalp. That criss cross method never works for me and leaves me with bad itchy weave syndrome. In between shampoos, I used Schwarzkopf’s Hair and Scalp Cleanser. It’s a waterless cleanser (which I usually am weary of) that soothes itching and removes smells from such styles. Watch my video here for more details.
  • Versatility: I’m sure the weave was more versatile than I actually allowed. It was human hair so I could curl it and style it differently…if I could be bothered lol. So after week 2 I found myself always tying it up somehow. I don’t know, for me, gone are the days that I spend an obscene amount of time on my protective style hair on a regular basis. These days, I want to put a style in and put minimal effort and time to make it look purty. The time I spend on it would be on the hair underneath it. But a weave? I want to get up and go. Literally. But when I did have it curled, it looked gorge:

  • Maintenance: For the first time in awhile, I had to go out and buy new products for this style. Because I don’t usually wear straight weaves anymore, I had to re-learn how to care for straight hair. I felt it was even more maintenance than my natural hair! From wrapping it every night (which I got over very quickly) to having to straighten it regularly, I didn’t find the maintenance of this style easy. 

All in all, I don’t see myself rocking a straight weave for a very long time. Give me waves, curls, kinks. On to the next one.




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