Summer Baby Essentials

With the end of the month approaching fast – can you believe we’re almost in my birthday month? Had to plug that in there – it’s time for me to stock up on Kai’s monthly essentials. Not too long ago, I shared some of my must-have baby essentials with you and while some of those have remained in our stash, others have been replaced as the seasons change and the fact that he’s getting older of course. Top of the list? Clothes, clothes and clothes. I really had no idea how fast babies go through clothes until last year, ermerhgerd! Just when he finally fits into something, there he goes, outgrowing it. Kids.

Until recently, I didn’t know that Clicks also offers a cute selection of baby clothes. Yup, while you’re getting bubba’s formula, nappies and other necessities, you can also grab a few new clothing items. Because we all know how often we need to do that. Just when you thought Clicks couldn’t spoil us anymore, they’ve gone and put a whole bunch of baby essentials on promotion this month. Here are some of my favourite picks of what’s on offer.

Clouds and planes dungaree set R189.95, Shooshoos hi-tops R399


Sleepsuit set R169.95, Shooshoos slippers R230

Made 4 Baby Clothing

When it comes to Kai’s clothes, I purposely choose things that mix and match well. Having items that play well together opens up his wardrobe so much more. I really like that many of the baby clothes in Clicks’ summer collection are affordable, versatile and can be mixed with each other or with basics from his already existing wardrobe. They’ve also got these adorable pajama sets (pictured above) that have one line of buttons that go across the body and not the super time-consuming ones that go down the middle and on each leg. I’m particular, okay?

Made 4 Baby Wipes – save 31.95

Mommas, you can never have enough baby wipes on hand, am I right? I have a pack of them everywhere – Kai’s changing table, downstairs in the living room, the car. You just never know when you’ll need them (other than the obvious moments of course). Plus they’re especially more useful now that Kai’s running around and getting dirty. You can save R31.95 on every pack of Clicks’ own Made 4 Baby wipes.

Johnson’s Baby – 3 for 2

A staple from the beginning, I’m happy to report that Johnson’s Top to Toe range is also on promo at Clicks. Grab any three and get the cheapest free. This range is a great collection from newborn to toddler as it’s super gentle with that well known No Tears promise from Johnson’s.

Natural hair products for kids 

These aren’t on special anymore, but since you’ll be at Clicks shopping for baby toiletries, why not give some of my fave brands a try. You know I love me some Shea Moisture and Cantu and yes, they do make products just for the kiddies. Since Kai turned one, and his head of curls increased drastically, I’ve used both on him. I’ve recently started washing and conditioning his hair with Shea Moisture’s Kid Shampoo and Conditioner which are both treats on his hair. I’ve also been using the Cantu for Kids range for a couple of months now and his loose curls are really starting to pop. I especially like the Curling Cream to put on his hair after washing. He doesn’t have tight curls, so a little bit of this on top of the Conditioning Detangler when he needs a bit of help with the curliest part of his hair, works perfectly. They all smell delicious too.

Printed shorts R109.95, Shooshoos sandals R229

WIN a year’s supply of Shooshoos

Who doesn’t love Shooshoos? They’re dominating Kai’s shoe collection at the moment because they’re such great quality shoes that are cute and playful. I love how light and comfortable they are so he can feel free to run around to his heart’s desire. If you’re a ClubCard member and you buy any pair of Shooshoos, you could win a year’s supply of Shooshoos. Just be sure to swipe your card at checkout to be entered. And if you’re not already a ClubCard holder – isn’t this the perfect reason to sign up?

So those are some of my and Kai’s fave goodies on offer at Clicks at the moment. All Clicks have the promo running until mid November. If you’re like me and see the value in buying bulk, check them out for yourself. It’s a great time to stock up on your little one’s essentials.

*Sponsored by Clicks



  1. Amanda
    October 24, 2017 / 6:06 pm

    Wow who knew clicks has baby clothes too!?! Will check them out! And having a one stop shop for all things baby is perfect for the busy and tired Mommy!
    Thanks Mrs O!

    • Aisha O'Reilly
      October 30, 2017 / 12:43 pm

      I know right?! You’re welcome :p

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