One Way I’m No Longer the Uptight Mom + GIVEAWAY

This photo was SO HARD for me to take! Look at all that mess!

Hands up if you’ve been classified that uptight mom *insert hand raising emoji here* It’s hard to escape it though, we’re the ones who carried these beings for what felt like forever, went into labour for what felt like forever and spent a while (read: what felt like forever) getting back to our normal selves. So, excuse us for being cautious, logical and not being the fun parent most of the time.

A massive source of ‘uptightness’ for me – sugar. For the first year of Kai’s life, no sugar touched his lips. It’s a decision we made together to start him off on a good foot and try to curb the possibility of being hooked on sweets – ‘cos we all know how easy that is. But of course, as the mom, I’m the one who enforced it the most. As a family, we weaned ourselves off adding sugar to food and drinks a little while ago. We also don’t keep sweets in the house, because if it’s there, it’ll be devoured even if it’s not treat-day. By the way, by sugar, I’m talking about refined sugar that usually comes in granules and you buy in a bag – that sugar. I know that sugar comes in many different forms, but for now, we’re avoiding that sugar 🙂

Well, Kai’s now getting older and going to school, birthday parties and exposed to all sorts of sugar-fest opportunities. So, you can imagine that it’s getting more and more challenging keeping the sweets away from him. I’m unfortunately not in complete control of what he eats 24/7 and I can’t keep that sugar away completely. And of course, you know the grandparents aren’t even half as strict as we are when it comes to the sweet-giving. The way I see it, I can do two things:

  1. Ask the other grown-ups in his life to minimize the sweets they give him and definitely only give it to him after a well-eaten meal. And…
  2. I can replace sweets at home with healthier alternatives. I mean, who actually enjoys a kid on a sugar high? The crash that inevitably comes afterward is even worse. No, no, scratch that. The worst is actually when he’s had something sweet an hour or two before bedtime – God help me – because I’m in charge of bedtime.

Flavoured Milk – the Healthier Snack

A lighter version of the old fave, Steri Stumpie Lite is a range of flavoured milk for the more conscious mama. Ahem – me. It comes in Chocolate, Strawberry and Cream Soda flavours. Any guesses as to which our fave is. What intrigued me the most about this range is that the sweetness comes from milk’s natural sugar, lactose, and sucralose to give it a slightly sweet taste. Sucralose is one of the healthiest sweeteners around; it has no calories and best of all, it doesn’t affect blood sugar levels. Of course, the drink’s main ingredient is milk which we all know is a great source of calcium and all of the other nutrients that normal milk has that’s good for our kiddies. In an effort to lighten up a little, I’ve started adding the chocolate Steri Stumpie Lite to his snack time and as a treat around once a week. The chocolate flavour makes it much more interesting for him to drink, and with no sugar added, it’s an even healthier way for him to enjoy milk. That way, he’ll be getting some of his calcium intake without the sugar high. Win 🙂

Are you that uptight mom? Do you also need to lighten up a little? I’m challenging myself to #MilktheMoment more when I’m hanging with Kai and not let the mud in hair or sand in shoes work me up so much. Having said that, I know there are still some things I just can’t let slide…

So, I took up the challenge to lighten up and #MilktheMoment earlier this month and went on an amazing hot air balloon ride with the hubby. He also needed to lighten up a little and finally conquer his (slight) fear of high flying vehicles. Check out the video below and be sure to enter my giveaway on Instagram and Facebook, Steri Stumpie is going to treat one lucky follower with a date in the sky!


Giveaway rules:

  • The competition will close at 4pm on Thursday 4th October, 2018
  • This competition is open to South African residents only
  • One (1) winner will be chosen and tagged on the original post.
  • Only entries submitted correctly on Instagram or Facebook will be valid
  • If the winner does not respond to the announcement or DM within a 48 hours, another winner will be chosen and the original winner will forfeit the prize.
  • Best answer will win
  • Prize includes a Steri Stumpe goody bag and 1x double tickets for a hot air balloon ride in Gauteng or Western Cape. Winner will need to be based in or make their own way to Gauteng or Western Cape to redeem the balloon ride.
  • All prize delivery logistics will be handled by a Steri Stumpie representative

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