Balance is a Myth

Work/life balance is like the holy grail of 2019. We have so much on, infinite distractions, things that are masked as important and countless directions our attention is demanded. Oh and by the way, everything is ‘urgent’. Thinking I had to give my all to everything I did, and everyone who expected something from me, it crippled me and left me an absolute mess a couple of years ago. I’ve since learned a few things and have practiced some key habits that have changed the way I see and handle pretty much everything in my life. This is my new understanding of the word ‘balance’ and it’s liberated me. If you’re also struggling with juggling all you believe you have to do, have a watch of my latest vid for my light bulb moment and tips on how to find your balance.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. What one thing do you do to maintain a healthy ‘balanced’ life?


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