To My Husband, on Father’s Day

My dearest Kevy,

Some say that nothing can prepare you for parenthood. I know we both agree.

After surviving six years of long distance, I thought there was nothing that could ever rock us. Yes, we’d have our tiffs here and there, but I was never expecting anything to test our relationship more than what we’d already experienced.

Finding out I was pregnant set the tone for the beginning of our parenting chapter together: you were happy and excited and I was terrified. As much as I had prayed for this child, the news of him finally coming scared me. I immediately started questioning my maternal skills, which of course were non-existent then. I constantly wondered if I was ready to take on this most life-changing role. You were there and you held my hand as it trembled with fear. You carried me and our ever-growing bump out of the bathtub every morning. You wiped every anxious tear away and listened to my complaints about the aches and sleepless nights. You never once made me feel guilty for not enjoying the 38-week journey that led us to becoming parents.

When our son arrived, and my eyes locked with his, it was the single greatest moment of my life. The second, was hearing your voice say ‘he’s here’ with relief. The first few months were relentless. The first year was rough. And then, just as we’d started wondering what we had gotten ourselves into, a peace came over our home. You and I both know how hard we fought to get there, but we did. That rocky road brought us to an even deeper love. One which we never imagined existed. And we have parenthood to thank for that.

Every once in a while, I catch you looking at our son and a proud grin always creeps over your face. It instantly calms my heart. I’m at peace in those moments when I can see and share the awe you feel towards our boy. Fatherhood looks so good on you my love. It’s made you a more patient, more ambitious, more empathetic man. I have absolutely no doubt that I chose the right man to be this example for my children. The leader of our family. You are affectionate, yet firm; playful, yet attentive. You are the best model of the type of man I want our son to become: strong, humble, loves his mama, and adores his wife.

Thank you for taking over when I can’t, for giving me the space I need to recharge, for understanding that I don’t know everything and it’s both of our jobs to navigate this new territory together.

We love you. We appreciate you. We are grateful for you this Father’s Day.

And every day.

Mama Kai x

Photo by Robyn Davie Photography


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