Marriage Pet Peeves: Three Things That Annoy My Husband

Marriage Pet Peeves

So, there’s a weird misconception that my husband and I don’t fight. Or that we don’t argue over anything. We’re happy and in love but we’re not perfect – I mean, who is? We’ve been together for 15 years. He’s human, I’m human, we live together: we are going to have pet peeves and things that irritate us! Okay, so we’re not airing out our full dirty laundry, just having a friendly venting session. In my latest video, Kev is going first and sharing three things that I do that supposedly annoy the hell out of him. I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations…

Three Things That Annoy My Husband

Have a watch and drop a comment with something your partner does that drives you absolutely nuts! While you’re on my YouTube, subscribe if you haven’t already, watch some of my other videos and show some love. My subbies would tell you, I always appreciate your two cents 😉


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