My Routine

As you know, I big chopped towards the end of last year. Some people are still asking me why I did it, even though I can’t think of any more reasons than I outlined in my post, lol. Well, it’s been a month since then so I thought I could finally share what happened on the day as well as give you a sneak peek into what I’m currently doing with my new TWA.

Firstly, it’s a little bit weird that I’m referring to my hair as a TWA again! There’s something so brand new about it. In December, I called Lucy of Ruutos and chatted to her about my decision to big chop and how I’d like it to be prepped for donation. She arranged with her team which included a barber to prepare my hair for the chop and also to preserve the cut hair for donation. I went to her salon on that public holiday weekend. I chose Ruutos because at this point I honestly don’t trust other salons with my hair. Not to say there aren’t other good ones, I just haven’t experienced them and can’t vouch for their treatment of natural hair. I’ve never had an issue there and I can sit back and relax, assured that they know what they’re doing when it comes to my 4C hair. So the stylist prepped my hair by washing, clarifying, deep conditioning and detangling my hair. Even she said it was an absolute mess, and she’s handled my hair several times before. This took about 2.5 hours to do. After my hair was twisted to make bundles, the barber came and chatted to me about the style I wanted.I knew I didn’t just want to chop it and leave it, I’d been there and done that. I wanted some kind of shape to it. I showed him some reference photos and he was impressed I wanted to go so short. Lucy was more nervous than I was. She didn’t want me to go as short as I asked, but the barber obliged and I think did a great job. I sometimes wonder if I should’ve gone even shorter.

I’ve saved my hair bundles and am working on something in the background regarding the donation. I’ll let you know soon enough where they end up going.

My New TWA Routine

I never used to be able to sleep with my hair tied using the ‘Pineapple Method’, but that’s my go to wrapping style now.

  • In the mornings, I spritz my hair with my Daily Spritz
  • I rub some of my DIY butter mix on my palms and palm roll the back and sides of my hair to create those little curls
  • For the top, I use some gel to roughly twist big chunks of hair
  • I then finish off with putting a little bit of gel on my edges

This all takes me less than 5 minutes to do. I’ve put my hair into flat twists to stretch it once and the twist out lasted the whole week.