Review: My Hopi Skopi Activity Book + GIVEAWAY!

Ever since last year, we mamas have had to come up with different ways of entertaining and educating our kids. Our homes suddenly became schools, play centres, gyms, offices and so much more. I think it’d be hard to find a parent who didn’t reach for the TV remote to help keep the kids busy for a moment (or two, or three…). I’m one of those parents, so no judgement here, but I do prefer them playing outside or doing something that will stimulate their minds more than staring at a screen. And books are my go-to.

Created by two talented female creatives, My Hopi Skopi Activity Book is cute, colourful and educational. It’s a collection of fun educational worksheets for children between 4 – 7 years old. Kai and I recently sat down and worked through it together.

So, what did we think?

It has a variety of activities that stimulated Kai in different ways. From good ol’ colouring in, to arts and crafts. I personally really enjoyed their language activities and I think Kai did well with those too.

Beautiful illustrations

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that I’m always talking about how important good illustration is. Yes, I’m a creative so maybe I appreciate it more than the average person. I think when it comes to kids’ books that are by nature illustration-heavy, lively, colourful and exciting illustration is key. So on that front, Hopi Skopi definitely delivers. Each page is pleasing to the eye and most importantly, clear.

Easy to understand

I really liked that with most of the activities he tried, even though he can’t read yet, he understood what he had to do. There are worksheets that you can do with your child or leave them to do on their own. With Kai being 5, there were many he could do on his own, but it’s always more fun doing them together. Even Kenzo wanted to get in on the fun. And when I had to tend to Kenzo, Kai carried on without me.

I would have preferred for the answers for the activities to be placed in a separate section, like at the back of the book instead of the page right next to them. I think they’ve done it this way so it’s clear how we can help our kids to complete the activity. But, it might be a plan to just cover up the next page with another sheet of paper so your child can try to and figure out the activity without the temptation of looking.

All in all, I think the book is a thoughtful collection of activities that will keep your child entertained for a while. In the words of my husband “that’s going to come in handy when we travel”. Yes, it will!

You can order a copy of My Hopi Skopi Activity Book for R220 from their website. Use my code ‘Aisha10’ for 10% off your order 😘


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