Introducing The Whole Mama Show: My New Podcast!

South African parenting podcast on motherhood

Okay, there’s no subtle way of saying this: I HAVE A PODCAST!

I know, I know, I’ve been relatively offline (except for my Instagram) since having my son – whom I’ll tell you all about soon. In the meantime, check out our daily adventures on my IG. I’ve kinda had a lot on my plate recently! And this here podcast is one of them. It’s the biggest labour of love I’ve dived into in awhile – since my masterclass The Business of Blogging. So I’m more than excited to finally share it with you!

As you know by now, I’m a storyteller and the story I’m most passionate about telling is that of motherhood. Not the one the world has fed us.

The real one. The raw one. The unapologetically human one.

I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again: the world has failed mothers. For centuries, and across all cultures, our lived experiences – from the expectation of conceiving children to giving birth to recovering from one of the most traumatic things that can happen to the human body and raising these humans to be delivered to the world – have been downplayed and silenced. We’ve been shamed to not share our multi-layered realities in this role as mothers.

There are so many feelings that come with motherhood that the world has labelled as negative and speaking them out loud means we’re being ungrateful for the responsibility of continuing the human race. It’s why many of us don’t say anything and continue in silence, persistent guilt and loneliness.

So, we wait. We wait for someone else to say it out loud. We wait for permission to open up about how we’re really feeling and thinking. This podcast is that permission.

I can talk about my journey in motherhood forever, but I know that I’m limited in my experience. And my experience as a mother isn’t the same as another’s. I can never speak about certain experiences with authenticity because I’ve never gone through them. So, many of these episodes will be conversations with other mothers who are sharing untold stories. These stories deserve to be told and are needed to be heard.

My mission: to create a safe space for mothers to share their truths.

It started here and will continue on The Whole Mama Show.

The first episode is live on iTunes and Spotify. Have a listen while you’re driving, on the loo hiding from the kids or in the background cooking tonight’s dinner.

Here’s to unveiling the true stories of motherhood.

LISTEN ON iTUNES: The Whole Mama Show

LISTEN ON SPOTIFY: The Whole Mama Show


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